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Trinity – a Life in Love and Unity


 It is not possible for us, limited humans, to fathom the mystery of the Holy Trinity. Nobody, not even great philosophers, theologians like St. Augustine or St. Thomas Aquinas, nor great scientists like Albert Einstein could grasp this great mystery. The author of the Book of Job in chap. 11 said: “Can anyone penetrate the deep designs of God?”

All we can do is to acknowledge and worship the One Triune God. In reality this is the greatest need and longing of our hearts. The little we have learned about the Holy Trinity is that there is a great bond of love and unity among the three Persons as one God; in other words, They are a community. The Father loved us passionately and He created for us a beautiful world. The Son was willing to die for us and so to redeem our wounded world by stretching out His healing and embracing arms on the cross. The Spirit sanctified us and prepared a room in the heart of each one of us for the Holy Triune God.  We are “created out of love”, “redeemed through love”, and ” nurtured by love”. Our origin, our destiny and our presence are deeply rooted in the love of the Holy Trinity.

We, the Servants of the Holy Spirit, honor the Holy Trinity in a very special way. The wish of our founder, St. Arnold, was that the Trinity may penetrate our lives and become a model for our mutual love and unity in our communities and in the whole world.  We are sent to make the Holy Triune God known, loved and glorified by all peoples. Thus, the more we practice love and unity in our communities, in our families, in our surroundings, the more we live the Trinity not as an incomprehensible mystery, but as a living, vibrant reality.

Bonded by this love and unity, we will see that in spite of our individual personalities and differences, we can live and work together, even more, we can love each other and live in unity despite diversity in cultures, languages and character traits. We will comprehend that despite our differences in our charisms, careers, responsibilities, we can collaborate and build new and lasting values for the future of the Kingdom of God. Only if we remain united in love with all our sisters and brothers, our manyfold personalities would become our strength, rather than our weakness or the cause of our disintegration. Only in this way we can offer the world a more concrete sign of our living the mystery of the Trinity.

It is not always easy, but it is possible, because God does not expect of us to be perfect, but to keep on trying against all odds. May the Holy Triune God live in our hearts and in the hearts of all peoples. May this Holy Trinity, we honor and worship sincerely, help us to nurture love and unity!   Amen.

Wish you all a blessed feast of the Holy Trinity!

Sr. Katarina Pavelova, SSpS