World Sunday Mission: “You shall be my witnesses”

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]The World Sunday Mission helps us celebrate and deepen our vocation as Christians: to be missionaries and to bear witness to the love of Christ.

As Missionary Servants of the Holy Spirit, in communion with the Church, we seek to be witnesses of Christ by sharing our lives especially in those places where the calls are most urgent and our presence is most needed.

For occasion of the World Mission Sunday, the SSpS Congregation Leadership Team shared a letter with a message to the members of the congregation. Here we extend the main content of this message to our lay companions, friends, collaborators and all those who have connections with us.

Message of the Congregational Leadership Team

“Pope Francis, in his letter for the World Mission Sunday 2022, tell us: Christ was the first to be sent as a missionary of the Father (cf. Jn 20:21), and as such, he is the Father’s “faithful witness” (cf. Rev 1:5). In a similar way, every Christian is called to be a missionary and witness to Christ. And the Church, the community of Christ’s disciples, has no mission other than bringing the gospel to the entire world by bearing witness to Christ. To evangelize is the very identity of the Church.

Today more than ever, our world is looking for witnesses of Christ. We see people tormented by war, violence, and various natural and human calamities. In our daily life, we hear the excruciating cry of the people who suffer. Frequently we encounter people who have lost absolutely everything in life. We see victims of injustice in every corner of this planet. We come across so many faces who are stripped of human dignity, and every turn we make, the evidences of the cruelty done to mother earth are so obvious and the suffering is endless. It is the broken reality that we are called to be witnesses of Christ, personally and as communities.

The mission month is very significant to us as daughters and sons of St. Arnold. After the model of Jesus, the missionary, we are called and challenged to witness love, compassion, unity, and our faith in the Triune God. The celebration of the mission month is an opportunity to ponder on our missionary life.

We would like to invite all to reflect deeply on our oneness with the Triune God in the Divine Dance… We encourage you to use the opportunity to pray and reflect in our communities as well as with our companions/partners in mission.

It is our hope and prayer that we learn to dance with the Blessed Trinity every moment of our lives and become authentic witnesses of Christ in our missionary journey.”

Sharing our mission

In this short video we can see the missionary witness of some of our sisters and SVD missionaries.