Videos: Congo’ Pionners

Instalation of SSpS Missionaries Sisters in the RDC – Bandundu

Video of the Installation Mass of the Missionary Servants of the Holy Spirit in the Parish of Bandundu, Diocese of Kenge, on December 8, 2023.

The Pioneer Sisters express their gratitude:

“We are grateful to the SVD provincial of Congo, Fr. Godefroid Manunga. He is very happy with our arrival and has mentioned several times that we are members of the same family and that we will now work together in God’s mission in Congo. A long-awaited dream has come true. We are truly grateful for his generosity in doing everything possible to help us.

We are also very grateful to the Congregational Leadership Team (CLT), Sr. Miriam and the councilors, Srs. Gretta, Jerly, and Stefanie, who have meticulously designed the preparation program for the pioneer mission in Congo and accompanied us.

Our hearts are filled with gratitude, openness, and joy. May this continue with us in the mission in Congo.”

Preparation Process

In this video with an introduction of Sr. Miriam Altenhofen you will know each one of our pionners sisters in their preparation to Congo.