Global Mission

SSpS Presence in Slovakia and Czech Republic

On our missionary journey in the Year of the Passion for Mission, today we will visit the SSpS Province of Slovakia in Central Europe.

By watching this video, you will have a better understanding of the mission carried out by our sisters. In the text below, with photos taken by Sr. Ivica Kúšiková, you will find a brief summary of what our sisters are doing in each community. The map will help you to locate where they are.

In Mission inside and outside the Slovak Province

The Slovak SSpS province has currently 46 sisters and 2 postulants, living and serving in seven communities: six in the southwest of Slovakia and one in the Czech Republic. There are 16 Slovak sisters serving in other provinces and regions as well, three of them are junior sisters in CCME (Ethiopia, Mexico, and Argentina South).

Situation of the Country

Though Slovakia has for centuries been a Christian country, according to the last census in 2021, just 55,8% declared themselves to be Catholics, (11,8% other Christian denominations, 2,1% other beliefs, 23,8% without denomination, and 6,5% unreported).

Another reality that has occurred after the change of political system in 1989 (from communism to democracy) are the socially excluded people, especially homeless, and old and sick people, as well as children and youth turning more and more to drugs, alcohol, misbehavior and suicide.

Proclaiming the Good News

Therefore, true to the charism of our Congregation, we endeavor to proclaim the Good News especially to those who have not yet heard about God and His plan of salvation and to reveal the merciful love of the Triune God to those at the margins of the society.

Where we are

Ivanka pri Nitre

In the Provincial house, beside the provincial and community administration and the pre-novitiate, we have accommodated a Home for the aged. The house is also opened to various groups and people seeking spiritual nourishment or just a few peaceful days for recollection.

Some sisters also go out to teach religion in schools and to assist the migrants from the Ukraine.

Pre-novices Daria Kačmáriková and Michaela Michalová with Sr. Laura Vlčáková, their directress, having classes.

Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament in the Chapel of the Provincial House.

Sr. Bernadeta Slavkovská reading with the clients of Home of St. Joseph in Ivanka pri Nitri.


There are two communities in Nitra: one in the Spiritual Centre of the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart, organizing retreats, recollections and other courses for people of various groups and age.

Eucharistic celebration in the Spiritual Center of the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart (MSC).

The sisters in the second community offer services to old people living alone at home, or in homes and hospices, visit the sick in hospital and educate mothers and children in the Roma community.

Sr. Felicita Melegová in her mission of Education of Roma Mothers with children in the Romas Settlement in Orechov Dvor.


There are also two communities there. The sisters minister in health care, education, media, bring meals to the elderly and serve the homeless in a Centre.

Sr. Maria Bernadeta Gromanová works at the St. John of God Welcome Center for the homeless. In the photo, she is attending to a man who is trying to find a job.

At the kitchen of the Order of Malta Sr. Lýdia Majchráková is preparing meals for distribution to old people living alone.

Sr. Anna Immakulata Šuňavská with 4th grade children on an outing, in Bratislava.

Sr. Lucia Slušná bringing Holy communion during a visit to the sick in the Hospital of the Fatebenefratelli.


A community of three sisters, visiting old people with Holy Communion, and teaching religion and English in schools.

Sr. Katarína Junasová giving English classes for children in the Kindergarten Elementary School Ivana Branislava Zocha – Revúca.

Sr. Mária Magdaléna Martinková giving classes of Religious Education at the High School Martina Kukučína in Revúca.

Sr. Marta Machovcová visiting an elderly woman.


A community of five sisters, attending to the children in a kindergarten, to the sick in a hospital as hospital chaplain, serving the homeless in a Centre, and old people living alone. One sister is employed in the Bishop’s office as an accountant.

Sr. Rastislava Kurajová teaching Handicrafts to women in the Pastoral Center of Přerov Parish

Sr. Vianneya Gajdošová treating the feet of a client at the Diocesan Center for Homeless People Olomouc – Svätý Kopeček

Sr. Magdalena Lis is the Hospital Chaplain at the Public hospital in Olomouc. In the picture she is with medical doctors.

Sr. Miriam Lešková with the students of the chemistry class in the school laboratory of the Holy Family High School.

Sr. Katarína Florková with women of the parish during a Bible Sharing in the Parish House of Přerov.

Our Job is our Mission

Since we do not have our own income-bringing institution, the sisters have to be employed to earn their living. Yet, our employment is at the same time our apostolate, our proclamation of the Gospel, our service to people in need of love, care, inner peace, to people searching for the meaning of life.

Sr. Maria Florková, SSpS – Provincial Leader of Slovakia
Photos: Sr. Ivica Kúšikov