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Sr. Veronika is laid to rest

Sr. Veronika, Theresia Racková SSpS was finally laid to rest today, Friday, 27 May 2016, 4 p.m. at St. Joseph the Worker Parish Cemetery, Lutaya, Yei River State, South Sudan.  Her mortal body now remains forever with the land where and the people whom she served with her whole heart and life.

We recall that at the end of 2013, when the civil war in South Sudan erupted again, Sr. Veronika’s response to the question ‘why did you decide to stay in the country?’ was: “Because the way of Jesus had been consistent. He did not abandon the people or leave the place when it became difficult. As a disciple of Jesus I follow him in the power of the Holy Spirit. cannot leave the people of South Sudan because I love them.”

We remain in our hope and prayer that the body of Sr. Veronika, now buried, may become like a seed of peace and reconciliation that will grow and flourish in the land and among the people of her beloved South Sudan.


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Sr. Eleonora Cichon writes from Yei, South Sudan after the funeral:

It was a very long day…  We just came back after the funeral and burial of Sr. Veronika.  Everything finished very peacefully and it was really a beautiful funeral.  In the early morning we entrusted her in the cargo airport.  She was flying in the same plane with us.  In Juba a group of religious with some authorities were waiting inside the airport next to the small plane (coffin and 8 people) prepared to take us to Yei.  They were singing and praying and there were two meaningful messages.  When we were flying it was like she was saying goodbye to the place she loved so much.

Here in Yei she was brought by the same ambulance in which she was shot.  On the way to church, about one hour, everywhere, people were standing and greeting her.  Countless cars, motorbikes, people on foot…  We can say Sr. Veronika wanted to come here.  Without her help it would have been impossible.

Today the policemen were there, but we requested that there will be no guns, and really they respected it.  They were there, but without guns, although high authorities were there.  We had Mass at the Latuya Parish, outside the church, and then buried her just beside the church.

Thank you very…very…much for all your prayers and communion.

I believe she will make miracles here…




Finalmente hoy viernes, 27 de mayo de 2016, a las 4 p.m. la Hna. Verónika, Theresia Račková SSpS fue sepultada en el cementerio de la Parroquia S. Joseph  Lutaya en Yei, Sudán del Sur. Ahora su cuerpo permanece para siempre con la tierra y el pueblo donde sirvió de corazón y con toda su vida.

Recordamos que a finales de 2013, cuando la guerra civil en el sur de Sudán estalló de nuevo, la respuesta de la Hna. Verónika a la pregunta: ¿Por qué decidiste quedarte en el país?, fue: “Porque el estilo de Jesús ha sido coherente. Jesús no abandonó a la gente ni dejó el lugar cuando era difícil la situación. Como discípula de Jesús le sigo con la fuerza del Espíritu Santo. No puedo dejar a la gente del sur de Sudán porque los amo”.

Mantenemos la esperanza y rogamos para que el cuerpo de la Hna. Verónika, ahora enterrada, se convierta en una semilla de paz y reconciliación, que crezca y florezca en la tierra y entre la gente de su amado Sudán del Sur.


Luego del funeral, la Hna. Eleonora Cichon escribe desde Yei, Sudán del Sur:

Hoy fue un día bastante largo … Acabamos de regresar del funeral y entierro de la Hna. Verónika. Todo terminó con mucha paz y era realmente un hermoso funeral. Por la mañana temprano hemos entregado su cuerpo en el aeropuerto de cargas. Ella estuvo en el mismo vuelo con nosotras.

En Juba, un grupo de religiosos con algunas autoridades estaban esperando dentro del aeropuerto, con un pequeño avión preparado para llevarnos a Yei. (el cuerpo de la hermana y 8 personas). Ellos estuvieron cantando y orando y había dos mensajes muy significativos. Cuando estábamos volando era como que ella estaba diciendo adiós al lugar que tanto amaba.

En Yei fue llevada por la misma ambulancia en la que le habían disparado. En camino a la iglesia que quedaba aproximadamente 1 hora, en todo el trayecto muchas personas estaban de pie, saludándola. Innumerables coches, motos, gente que iba a pie… Podemos decir que la Hna. Verónika quiso venir aquí. Sin su ayuda hubiera sido imposible.

Hoy los policías estuvieron presente allí, pero hemos solicitado que no haya armas de fuego, y realmente fue respetado nuestro pedido. A pesar de la presencia de las altas autoridades, los policías estuvieron allí, pero sin armas. Tuvimos la Santa Misa en la parroquia de Lutaya, afuera y luego la enterramos al lado de la Iglesia.

Muchas gracias por todas sus oraciones y estar en comunión.

Creo que ella hará milagros aquí…

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Lioba Hesse

28 May 2016

Thank you so much for sharing all those sad and painful moments with us, dear sisters!
A great missionary has left us – may she rest in peace … and “Goodbye, Veronika!”

Sr.yonne Pereira

30 May 2016

Thanks SO MUCH for the Forward and work involved!!!!
Vero and self were close In Ghan; amidst the tears shed as i looked and read all was a JOY & pride in her our first SSpS martyr- Vero who really lived and died for the poor and marginalized!! Sisters In Sudan you have a powerful intercessor Courage also to All SSpS in difficult situations!

Ruth Steiner

30 May 2016

Knowing Sr. Veronika has been a gift for us. She was one of those rare people through whom we could experience the Divine Reality. For us she was a sacrament representing God´s love for the people. We never expected her to share Jesus’ life to the extent of including a violent death. Although we feel the pain of this loss, we know that she is enjoying the presence of God. Therefore we hope that she will continue to heal our anguish over this assassination and that she will help us to find peace through God who is her and our Savior.
Ruth Steiner and all colleagues of the Mission Office Austria

Sr. Teresita Artita

1 June 2016

a heroine… a saint… it’s a response to the Call to Holiness! I salute you, Sister… Congratulations Holy Spirit Missionaries for a Sister with a courageous and loving heart!.true to your name!