15th General Chapter

Sr. Miriam Altenhofen: The New Congregational Leader

January 22

This morning after the votive Mass of the Holy Spirit, the members of the General Chapter went to the Chapter hall, sang the Veni Creator and then went on to the election procedures.

Sr. Miriam Altenhofen was elected as the new Congregational Leader and she said yes to the commitment of leading the Congregation for the next six years. Sr. Maria Theresia Hörnemann greeted her with a bouquet of flowers and all the Chapter members applauded.

Sr. Miriam thanked the floor and shared about her discernment and hopes. She shared that it was not easy to accept such a major role, but that the memory of her final vows and the commitment she made to God brought her peace and serenity.

After the election, the Capitulars gathered together to felicitate Sr Miriam with songs, refreshments and greetings.

Sr. Miriam was elected a General Councilor at the previous General Chapter in 2014. She is German, made her first vows in 1984 and her perpetual vows in 1990. She studied Pastoral Theology and has a Master’s degree in Psychology.

She was in Botswana as a missionary, worked in formation, workshops, as a facilitator and also in therapeutic accompaniment. From 2004 to 2013 she was the provincial leader of the Province of Germany. Besides her native language she speaks English, Spanish and Italian. As a general councilor, in recent years she has helped as facilitator in various international events, including the latest General Chapter of the SVD and that of many other congregations.

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Ewa Pliszczak

22 January 2022

Thank you for saying Yes Sr Miriam, congratulations for the whole chapter gathering and be sure of my prayers, I am with you. It is amazing to have the chance to join you through media and be inform so quickly. A lot of work

Alphonse Mary

23 January 2022

My dear Sr Mariam thank you and Hearty Congratulations. My prayers for your responsibility as our leader

Sr. Maryta Laumann, SSpS

23 January 2022

Dear Sister Miriam,
Thank you for accepting this “challenging task in our challenging times!”
Together with our Holy Spirit Association members we support you and the ongoing election with our prayers for divine light and guidance!!
We are looking forward to your visit to Taiwan because in a broader sense we are also “marginal” here entrusted with a huge and important mission to the Chinese people and the youth of today!
We need your attention and missionary support! Also, this year is the 60th Anniversary of Fu Jen Catholic University. Among the Chinese the 60th is celebrated more than the 50th.
WELCOME the sooner the better!,