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South Sudan: The Very Basic Problems

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]The fighting, the killing, the raping, the savagery of the civil war in South Sudan, make the headline news.  Nevertheless, among the quiet and peaceful general populace there are some very basic problems facing the people, especially those who live in the PoC (Protection of Civilians) camps or the large towns. Powdered milk, tea, coffee, sugar and all kinds of food are already very expensive compared to the low wages of those who have jobs, but it is reaching the stage that even if people have enough money to buy these items, they can’t afford to boil water or cook the food. A lot more people are ‘footing’ (walking) their way around Juba. Public transport has become too expensive and there is less of it as a continuing shortage of fuel and high prices force vehicles off the road. Innocent people are the suffering victims of a senseless conflict they never wanted. The people endure the situation stoically but openly wonder how will they be able to cope.

We help those we know as much as we can and there are many dedicated workers in the many NGOs in South Sudan providing admirable support. An economic turnaround is greatly needed. Many countries are understandably reluctant to give aid that may be diverted to other purposes but assistance is certainly needed now and will be needed for quite some time.

The high quality photos with South Sudan and numbers were taken by Paul Jeffrey. We thank him for his generous support.

Br Bill Firman, FSC – Solidarity with South Sudan