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Solemn Requiem Mass for Sr. Veronika

Dear Fathers, Brothers, Sisters and Friends,

We thank you for sharing in our grief, in the past days, at the painful and tragic loss of Sr. Veronika, Theresia Racková, SSpS.

Sr. Veronika was born in Slovakia on 08 January 1958.  She made her first vows in the Mission Congregation of the Servants of the Holy Spirit in 1987 and final vows in 1994.  She was a medical doctor with specialization in tropical diseases.  She has worked as a missionary in Ghana.  She served as Provincial Leader of the Province of Slovakia from 2004-2010.  Upon completing her term as Provincial Leader, she was assigned to Yei, South Sudan in 2010, thereby pioneering the SSpS mission in that place.  From 2010 to 2016, until her death, she has served in various capacities as SSpS community leader, medical doctor and Director of St. Bakhita Health Center, Yei.  Sr. Veronika was a committed, generous and joyful missionary.

Around midnight of 15 May 2016, Sr. Veronika was returning, after taking a patient on an emergency call to Harvest Hospital, Yei, when she was attacked by suspected group of soldiers.  The St. Bakhita Health Center Ambulance that she was driving, was shot several times and Sr. Veronika was gravely wounded on the hip and in the abdomen.  After two surgeries in the Hospital for Women and Children in Yei, she was airlifted to Nairobi Hospital in Kenya on Monday 16th May for further treatment and surgeries. Despite the best efforts of the doctors, she passed away on Friday, 20th May 2016.  Her death is an irreparable loss for us, for her family and for the people she served especially in Yei.

A Solemn Requiem Mass will be celebrated on Monday, 23 May, 2 pm in Nairobi.  Due to the complexity and legal implications of the situation, we cannot, at the moment, confirm the place and date of the funeral.

We sincerely thank all of you who have expressed your solidarity and support through your condolence messages.  It is our hope and prayer that the self-giving of Sr. Veronika will herald a new beginning for peace and reconciliation in South Sudan.


SSpS Communication Office

Sr.  Marides SSpS – Communication Coordinator                                                             Sr. Mary John SSpS – Assistant General




Queridos Sacerdotes, hermanos, Hermanas y Amigos,

Nuestra inmensa gratitud por compartir con nosotras nuestro dolor en estos últimos días, por la pérdida dolorosa y trágica de nuestra Hna. Verónika, Theresia Racková, SSpS.

La Hna. Verónika nació en Eslovaquia el 08 de enero de 1958. Profesó sus primeros votos en la Congregación de las Misioneras Siervas del Espíritu Santo en 1987 y los votos perpetuos en 1994. Ella era una Doctora en medicina con especialización en enfermedades tropicales. Trabajó como misionera en Ghana. Fue Coordinadora Provincial de la Provincia de Eslovaquia 2004-2010. Al término de su mandato como Coordinadora Provincial, en el 2010 fue enviada a Yei, Sudán del Sur, iniciando de este modo la misión SSpS en ese lugar. Del 2010 a 2016, hasta el dia de su muerte, ha ofrecido su servicio en diversos puestos, como coordinadora de la comunidad SSpS, como doctora en medicina y directora del Centro de Salud de Santa Bakhita, Yei. La Hna. Verónika fue una misionera comprometida, generosa y alegre.

El 15 de mayo de 2016, a medianoche aproximadamente, la Hna. Verónika  había llevado de emergencia  a un paciente al Hospital de Yei, y cuando regresaba, fue atacada por un supuesto grupo de soldados. La ambulancia del Centro de salud Santa Bakhita que ella conducía, recibió varios disparos y la Hna. Verónika fue gravemente herida en la cadera y en el abdomen. Luego de dos cirugías en el Hospital para Mujeres y Niños en Yei, fue trasladada al hospital de Nairobi, Kenia, el lunes 16 de mayo para  otras cirugías y tratamientos. A pesar de los mejores esfuerzos de los médicos, la Hna. Veronika falleció el día viernes, 20 de mayo de 2016. Su muerte es una pérdida irreparable para nosotras, para su familia y para la gente a quienes estaba sirviendo, sobre todo en Yei.

Una solemne misa por su eterno descanso se celebrará el lunes 23 de mayo, a las 14:00 en Nairobi. Debido a la complejidad y las implicaciones legales de la situación, por el momento no estamos en condiciones de confirmar el lugar y la fecha del funeral.

Agradecemos de corazón a todos los que han expresado su solidaridad y apoyo a través de sus mensajes de condolencias. Rogamos y esperamos que la donación de la Hna. Verónika marque un nuevo comienzo por la paz y reconciliación en el sur de Sudán.

Desde la Oficina de Comunicaciones SSpS

Hna.  Marides SSpS – Coordinadora de comunicación                                                            Hna. Mary John SSpS – Asistente General


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AnnIta SSpS

23 May 2016

United in the Spirit and prayer.
SSpS Antigua

George Padmore Tetteh

23 May 2016

This is very sad for mankind. What a tragedy for someone who has devoted her entire life saving the poorest of the poor and the most vulnerable. May her soul rest in peace. May the God Lord teach her killers Love and the Act of Giving instead of the act of destruction. RIP Sister.

Sr Magdalena Leutterova, SSpS

23 May 2016

It is still painful for me even to think that my fellow sister, my companion in Ghana and friend for more than 30 years is not any more physically with us. I know she is in a better place, she is with God who loves her and whom she loves. One of the Missionaries of Charity told me yesterday, “you have a friend – martyr in heaven now”. Yes, dear Vero, be a friend in heaven for me and for all of us. Rest in peace, dear Veronika.
Sr Magdalena (Australia)

Julie George SSpS

23 May 2016

May you remain an inspiration for all the missionaries to work for the poor and needy.
Send your blessings from above on SSpS family

Fr. Alex Lodiong Sakor

23 May 2016

Dear Rev. Sr. Dr. Veronika, you are a great Missionary. You died while saving lives. The Diocese of Yei in South Sudan will live to remember you and the SSpS Congregation. May you receive the fullnes of life in the company of all the saints! Pray for us and pray for an enduring peace in South Sudan!

Maria Salomé

23 May 2016

Unidas en la Celebracion Pascual de Sister Theresia. Y también , pidiendo que su entrega redunde en bendicion y paz para el pueblo Sudanés.

Fred Taban

23 May 2016

As a South Sudanese of Kajo-Keji and having lived in Yei I am terribly shaken and ashamed of this horrible act. Why take an innocent life, someone working for the good of the killers? This is a clear indication to the rest of the world of the level of lawlessness that characterizes this country. How many more are daily shot and killed unreported? As a shamed citizen i call upon the government to show us its worth, if it is there, and give Sr. Veronika’s family, friends, organisation, country and humanity justice. Thank you Sister. You have paid the ultimate price for the sake of the Gospel. Rest in eternal peace with your Lord Jesus.

Sr. Josefa Twapita

23 May 2016

Belonging to the Region of Ethiopia, I feel the sadness in my heart but with the assurance that her life will always be remembered as one of the bravest missionaries of our time. She fearlessly and tirelessly served the people of South Sudan. Dear Sister Veronika, you will be missed. May you rest in in peace. Amen.