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Sisters in Germany Respond to the Needs of our Time

Sisters in Germany Respond to the Needs of our Time

In this video prepared by the German Province in the summer of 2023, our sisters express their passion for mission through their different apostolates. Through very creative ways, they share their lives with great love and compassion with various groups of people.

Below is a concise overview of the video provided by the Sisters of the German Province.

The apostolates of the German Province

In response to the invitation from the Congregational Leadership Team, we discussed along the Provincial Leadership Team and some of our younger members, the content of what we want to present.

Since all our sisters worldwide are familiar, we decided to prepare a creative video about our present apostolates in response to the needs of our time.

We identified three main areas we focus on in our Province:

    1. Journeying Together as a Response to the Quest for Meaning

At the Katholikentag in Stuttgart, sisters from all communities, alongside young adults from the in:spirit team and community members, together represented the Steyler Missionary Sisters.


    2. Embracing the Friendship with the Poor to Tackle Increasing Poverty

In Mönchengladbach and Frankfurt, food is shared fairly. If you have too much, you give something away. Others who have too little can help themselves.


    3. Aging Gracefully in Response to an Aging Society

The older sisters meet regularly in their communities and talk about various topics related to spirituality, politics and the church.

We hope that with this video the sisters in all the provinces/ regions get a glimpse of how we, more than 130 years after the foundation, live out our passion for mission.

Having the Motherhouse in our Province, gives us a special responsibility to care for the rich legacy of our Congregation and to allow the sisters and other people, who come to Steyl, to get in touch with and get inspired by our Founding generation.

At the same time, we continue to discern how to respond with our limited resources to the challenges of our people, countries, and the church. Journeying together with the other sisters from European provinces/ regions becomes more and more important.

As St. Arnold Janssen said: “We live in a time when much is collapsing, and new things must be established in their place.”

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