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Reflection Guide for Mutual Enrichment in Spirituality

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]This guideline is meant “to promote appreciation of and mutual enrichment by different cultural expressions of spiritualities present among the members of our community” and “for mutual enrichment in spirituality with lay associates to strengthen our collaboration.” The SSpS Congregational Leadership Team also sees the same need. Therefore a joint team was established to prepare the said guidelines.

We now present to you this reflection guide, the result of a long process. It involved many of the members of our congregations and our mission partners. We thank the members of the Ad Hoc Committee, namely Peter Dusicka, SVD; Roger Schroeder, SVD; Stanislaus Lazar, SVD; Maria Illich, SSpS; and Leonie Pregunta, SSpS; and all who contributed to this publication.

We recommend that these guidelines be used in our communities and groups. When we meet together as brothers and sisters, may these guidelines strengthen our experience of being together. They are also for the good of people we serve, and the glory of Triune God, the God on the way.

Maria Theresia Hörnermann, SSpS – Congregational Leader  and  Paulus Budi Kleden, SVD – Superior General

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Monica Marques

12 April 2021

Thank you for beautiful reflection….keep in touch in prayers.