Child Jesus, teaches us to build Peace.

Our war wounded world longs for your peace!

Lord Jesus, this Christmas we want to contemplate the crib and learn a new way of living from you. We can no longer bear the violence of war that destroys so many innocent lives.

We feel within us the anguish and impotence of not knowing what to do as we watch the world collapse due to wars and climate change. This world is not sustainable as it is! Mother Earth is already exhausted. The blood of children who have been victims of wars, hunger, and social inequality cries out for justice!

We give the powerful the responsibility for all this, but You created us all interconnected. We are all jointly responsible for the world we recreate every day. If we can create violence and war, we can also create peace.

This Christmas, Lord, open our minds and hearts to a new way of being and thinking.

Lord, transform our greed into solidarity; our fear into the courage to go beyond our interests and look after the common good of all humanity. Transform our complacency and indifference into a commitment to the life of all Creation.

A Christmas of commitment to Peace for you, your family, and your community.