Growing Deeper into Intimacy with the Triune God

Hymn: Awake is the Call (Lyrics)

Awake is the call of the One who is wakefulness
Waken me, O God, into your wakefulness
/Every fiber of my being awake, awake to God’s call/ 2x

1. Those who are thirsty, let them come to me
/Those who have faith in me drink abundantly/ 2x
There shall flow living water out from believing hearts
/Every fiber of my being awake, awake to God’s call/ 2x

2. Those who are lonely, let them come to me
/Those who are without friends, come and be with me/ 2x
You shall find me at your side, leading you to life and love
/Every fiber of my being awake, awake to God’s call/ 2x

3. You who are precious in the eyes of God
/You who are dearly loved by our God Most High/ 2x
He shall set you like a light in the kingdom of His Son
/Every fiber of my being awake, awake to God’s call/ 2x

Opening Prayer

The Spirit of God is hovering over the universe, forming, creating, and giving life and energy.

You are the God of eternal wakefulness, and we are in your presence.

We are here with humility and reverence, aware of your infinite power and love.

We offer our prayers for all of humanity, the universal church,
our congregation, the provinces/regions, communities, each of us the members of our congregation, our lay collaborators and partners in mission, our families, and Mother Earth.

We ask you to fill our hearts with your life-giving breath to guide us. We are unworthy yet grateful for your boundless mercy.

May Your presence be with us always so that we may never be separated from You or humanity in need.

Please lead us towards the Father and the Son, and help us to serve and glorify the Holy Triune God. Amen.

Introduction from Scripture


“Those who love me will keep my word, and my Father will love them, and we will come to them and make our home with them” (Jn 14: 23).

The Trinitarian God revealed through Jesus’ words, resides within our hearts when we accept Him as the one true God of humanity, as revealed to Moses and the patriarchs.

St. Arnold Janssen wrote in the ‘Little Messenger of the Sacred Heart’ in 1874: 

“The mutual unity of the persons in the Holy Trinity is closer than the unity between the divinity and humanity of Jesus. The Father and the Holy Spirit are where the Son is, even though only the Son in his personhood is united to the humanity of Jesus. Thus, the whole Trinity resides in the Heart of Jesus – the omnipotence of the Eternal Father, the wisdom and beauty of the Eternal Word, the eternally generous love and wealth of the Holy Spirit.” 

May the Lord grant us the grace to live our motto: May the Holy Triune God live in our hearts and the hearts of all! 

Moment of Silent Prayer

Silently repeat our motto, asking the Blessed Trinity to especially touch the hearts of those most in need of his presence.


  • Let us pause for a while to enter into the mystery of the Trinity- Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.
  • How do I feel embraced and welcomed in the love of the Trinity?

Moment of Sharing

Recall and share some of your life-giving experiences of being enveloped by God, the Holy Trinity.


Closing Prayer

God, Holy Spirit, sustainer of the universe,
You are the God of assurance and strength.
The Good News we listened to has created
ripples of Your grace in our souls.

We believe You bring new life and transform us
into people who listen, observe, care,
and move toward those in need, the deprived, and the lonely.

May the Father’s ever-watchful and unsleeping eyes,
Jesus’s burning heart, and Your presence, O Holy Spirit, remain with us.
We give thanks, praise, glory, and honor to You, O Holy Triune God,
for Your unconditional acceptance of us, Your children. Amen.