I Have Heard the Cry of My People

Hymn: Awake is the Call (Lyrics)

Awake is the call of the One who is wakefulness
Waken me, O God, into your wakefulness
/Every fiber of my being awake, awake to God’s call/ 2x

1. Those who are thirsty, let them come to me
/Those who have faith in me drink abundantly/ 2x
There shall flow living water out from believing hearts
/Every fiber of my being awake, awake to God’s call/ 2x

2. Those who are lonely, let them come to me
/Those who are without friends, come and be with me/ 2x
You shall find me at your side, leading you to life and love
/Every fiber of my being awake, awake to God’s call/ 2x

3. You who are precious in the eyes of God
/You who are dearly loved by our God Most High/ 2x
He shall set you like a light in the kingdom of His Son
/Every fiber of my being awake, awake to God’s call/ 2x

Opening Prayer

The Spirit of God is hovering over the universe, forming, creating, and giving life and energy.

You are the God of eternal wakefulness, and we are in your presence.

We are here with humility and reverence, aware of your infinite power and love.

We offer our prayers for all of humanity, the universal church,
our congregation, the provinces/regions, communities, each of us the members of our congregation, our lay collaborators and partners in mission, our families, and Mother Earth.

We ask you to fill our hearts with your life-giving breath to guide us. We are unworthy yet grateful for your boundless mercy.

May Your presence be with us always so that we may never be separated from You or humanity in need.

Please lead us towards the Father and the Son, and help us to serve and glorify the Holy Triune God. Amen.

Introduction from Scripture


Then the Lord said, “I observed the misery of my people who are in Egypt; I have heard their cry on account of their taskmasters. Indeed, I know their sufferings, and I have come down to deliver them.” (Ex 3:7-8)

God’s voice becomes audible to us when we heed the cry of the impoverished. Ignoring this voice would lead us to harden our hearts against God as well as the poor. Throughout history, the God of Israel has always heard the cries of the Hebrews in their struggles, as seen during their time in Egypt. Under the leadership of Moses, the Israelites called out to God, and He answered by granting them freedom from the bondage of Egypt.

The voice of God resonates within us, appointing us to be the instruments of his anguish for the deliverance of His people. 

Moses and Aaron went to Pharoah and said, “Thus says the Lord, the God of Israel, ‘Let my people go, so that they may celebrate a festival to me in the wilderness.’” (Ex 5:1)

Moment of Silent Prayer

In the silence of our hearts, let us ask for the grace to listen to the cries of the poor and to respond effectively to their needs.



We can respond effectively to the cry of the poor by bringing back our social and spiritual sensibilities. In a world silenced by indifference and cruelty, this journey becomes all the more significant.

  • As we implore God’s grace to respond in truth and action to the cry of the poor, let us remember that the evil suffered by women and men throughout history goes unheard or unseen by our loving God. What father would not be moved by the suffering of his children?
  • God calls to us through the cries of our world and creation. The Holy Spirit is already at work in individuals and specific situations.

Moment of Sharing

How do you experience in your life God’s compassionate love and care for suffering people? 


Closing Prayer

God, Holy Spirit, sustainer of the universe,
You are the God of assurance and strength.
The Good News we listened to has created
ripples of Your grace in our souls.

We believe You bring new life and transform us
into people who listen, observe, care,
and move toward those in need, the deprived, and the lonely.

May the Father’s ever-watchful and unsleeping eyes,
Jesus’s burning heart, and Your presence, O Holy Spirit, remain with us.
We give thanks, praise, glory, and honor to You, O Holy Triune God,
for Your unconditional acceptance of us, Your children. Amen.