Awaken to the Cry of the Trinity




“Awakened to the cry of the Trinity through the pain and suffering of Mother Earth and our sisters and brothers at the margins, ecological conversion and sustainable living become our ethical imperative.” (15th GC Direction)


Introduction to the Novena

The Congregational Leadership Team suggested the Pentecost Novena of 2024, aligning with the Chapter Direction for the year. The theme chosen for the Novena is ‘Awaken to the Cry of the Trinity’.

Therefore, united as members of the Arnoldus family, we enter into a special moment of preparation to celebrate the Feast of Pentecost.

The Arnold Janssen Spirituality (AJS) team of India East  (Divine Word Province) reflected on the theme and sent us the novena prayer to enable us to listen to the pain and suffering of Mother Earth, our sisters and brothers at the margins, and the whole universe.

Each day of the novena is focused on a specific theme on the Cry of the Trinity and offers reflection from scripture and Church documents.


The following is the structure for each day:

  1. Hymn: ‘Awake is the Call’ or other songs (if not possible to translate to your language)
  2. Opening prayer
  3. Introduction from scripture
  4. Moments of silent prayer
  5. Reflection
  6. Moments of sharing
  7. Closing prayer


We suggest displaying an image of the burning bush in an appropriate place in the chapel for the duration of the novena.

This novena can also be used with lay people, so use your creativity to adapt it to the reality of your community or group. Other songs can be added to create a prayerful atmosphere.


This novena was prepared by the AJS Team – SSpS INE Province

Sr. Agnes Ignatius

Sr. Shanti P.C.

Sr. Florentina Xess

Sr. Sunita Soreng

Lyrics, Composer & Singer of the  Hymn

“Awake is the Call”

Sr. Agnes Ignatius Kavumpuram


Sr. Elsie Varghese & Sr. Elaine Faith Taneo


Sr. Ana Elidia C. Neves