Global Mission

Our Presence in the America’s Heartland – Paraguay

On our missionary journey, we are invited to go to South America and get to know our sisters and their missionary presence in Paraguay. Let us accompany them in their joys and challenges and discover the richness and variety of their mission.

Our First Arrival in these Colorful Lands

The origin of our presence in Paraguay takes us back to the dawn of the 20th century. On a beautiful afternoon of August 30, 1920, our first Sisters arrived in the country. The Sisters worked hard with the SVD in favor of the indigenous people: Mbya Guaraní.

After three years of tireless dedication, the Sisters retired from this mission. This occurred shortly after the death of Sister Betha Fischer, who lives until today in the memory and hearts of some of the people in this place.

Second Arrival in Paraguay

The SSpS returned again in 1952, at the invitation of the Missionaries of the Divine Word. They collaborated in the pastoral ministries of the local Church, especially in the educational area, in San Blas School, Obligado, Itapúa. From this place other communities were then opened.

Our Goals as a Province for the Coming Years

“Enter the “Dance of the Trinity” to be instruments of humanization and transformation in the Province and, creatively and boldly unite in following “Jesus, who was incarnated out of love and compassion.” (Mc 6, 34) – (Mc 8, 1-2).

(Provincial Plan – 2023-2028)

Our presence in this land of hopes extends to the following points of the country:


Current News of the SSpS in Paraguay

Our Lady of the Incarnation Community (1963):

The task today is projected towards areas such as: missionary animation of children and young people, parish ministry in the peripheries, accompaniment of young people from the Fazenda da Esperanca, professional training of some Sisters, and welcoming young people with vocational concerns.


Colegio Espíritu Santo de Mallorquín (1968):

From the beginning, this House of Studies has opened its doors to young people from all over the country. It is a leading institution within the Alto Paraná Department. It offers education from Kindergarten to high school.

Provincial House (1974):

The SSpS Religious Province of Paraguay was founded on December 8, 1980 and, since then, Asunción has been the headquarters of the Servants of the Holy Spirit in Paraguay. The provincial house welcomes all the Sisters as they pass through Asunción, cares for the sick and elderly and tries to create a favorable space for the formation of the Sisters.


Holy Spirit Indigenous Mission (1977):

The SSpS fight with great hope so that indigenous people will be recognized and respected in their dignity as Children of God, through the strengthening of ethno-education, ethnomedicine, ethno-development, the rescue and assurance of their traditional habitat , interreligious dialogue, etc.


Escuela and Colegio Espíritu Santo de Pirapó (1979):

It is located in a Japanese colony. In recent years it has taken an important step, opening secondary education, and in this way, completing all levels of education.


Holy Spirit Retreat House (1986):

It is considered an ideal place for an encounter with God. The numerous groups that preferably arrive on weekends, perceive the environment as a haven of peace and harmony with nature. The Sisters are dedicated to offering the best possible service.


Colegio Espíritu Santo de María Auxiliadora (1987):

Today it continues to grow in structure and the number of students, now offering all levels of education. Work with the laity is a great strength.


Nararet House – Novitiate (1999):

Since its opening the community has been marked by the internationality that is characteristic of the Congregation. Since 2010 it has been the headquarters of the PANAM Novitiate.

Holy Spirit Rural Mission (2010):

The mission was opened with the goal of accompanying the Paraguayan farming people in the northern part of the country, specifically in Yrybucua, Department of San Pedro. The sisters are dedicated to the parish and all its activities, They visit the chapels far from the urban center and the families who are most in need.

Our Joys

Our Challenges

Crossing Other Borders

Presence in the creation of an intercongregational community. Sister Lucy Acevedo, SSpS, together with two other Sisters, from other congregations, and an SVD priest, make up this community created by the Conference of Religious of Paraguay. The community is based in Bahía Negra, Department of Alto Paraguay.

Prepared by Sr. Liz Valdez – Province of Paraguay