15th General Chapter

On the road to the 15th SSpS General Chapter

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Dear sisters, sometime back we had posted a video on the first chapter commission’s work about preparations for the general chapter.  Last December the 2nd chapter commission met in Rome and the commission studied and reflected the calls that came from the provinces and regions. And we noticed also striking similarities, some notable repetitions and some variations in the calls.  The commission then came up with the discernment question for the general chapter. And the question is this, O Holy Spirit! what gift do you want to offer the world through us?

It is a yearning or a longing. It is a repetitive prayer in us in relation to the general chapter. It came from our reflection on the calls that came from the provinces and regions and we could see the movement in the calls.  The discernment question is not for lengthy discussion or a debate.  It is something to ponder over as individuals and as communities. And I believe that when we all ask the same question, there is some energy in that question and the Holy Spirit directs us toward an answer.

The second important task of the chapter commission was to work out the process of the general chapter, such as the procedural roles, the election process, the agenda, the timetable, the reporting sequence and modality etc.  and all other details pertaining to the actual realization of the chapter.

One thing that took us unusual time and even went beyond the second commission was to come up with a commonly acceptable chapter logo.  It was more difficult than we had initially thought, but now that we have it, we hope that it reflects the chapter theme Immersed in the life of the Trinity transforming the world with compassion.  

Our closeness to the chapter is very tangible, it is only a matter of weeks now and as we get busy, provinces and regions, just as we are here, let us not forget to ask the Holy Spirit what gift she wants to offer the world through us.

Sr. Mary John, SSpS – Rome

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16 March 2020

Dear Sr. Mary John,

I just want to comment on the chapter theme which I find extremely important. I am reading now the book by Gisbert Greshake : An den drei-einen Gott glauben. As a matter of fact, I am reading it a second time and while it impressed me deeply during the first reading, it is only now during the second reading that it becomes a revelation and begins to change me and my daily life. He speaks about Communio within the Trinity and also with creation, us. Jesus came to us to share with us the love of God in a final and radical way. I quote: In der uebermaechtigen Erfahrung des Gemeinen, Destruktiven und Toedlichen haelt er dem Boesen leidend stand und unterbricht so den Kreislauf des Boesen,ohne neues Boese zu schaffen. Fuerbittend spricht er fuer uns ein neues Ja zur Communio mit Gott und untereinander.
I hope and pray that the General Chapter can be held at the time planned for it or not too much later. I am so happy to be an SSpS.

Sr. Leonora Sudhoff