Year of Compassiion

Launching of the Year of Compassion

The feast of St. Arnold Janssen celebrated on January 15 was the launch pad for the Year of Compassion to be lived throughout 2024.

To kick things off, the General Administration sent a circular letter to all the sisters presenting the program planned for the year and a biblical-theological and anthropological reflection on the meaning of compassion.

The inspirational biblical text is Psalm 145:9 – “The Lord is good to everyone: His mercy embraces all his creation.” In these times of so much suffering due to climate change, violence, and armed conflicts in so many parts of the world, being compassionate towards the people who are part of our lives or whom we meet in our daily lives has great transformative power, capable of bringing a little peace and comfort to humanity.

One of the aims of the program is to involve young people linked to the congregation in finding concrete ways of experiencing compassion and sharing them through short videos and photos for the congregation’s Instagram.
Each year the Congregational Leadership Team (CLT) emphasizes one aspect of the Congregational Directions. Thus, in 2022 it was the Dance of the Trinity, last year Passion for Global Mission, and this year Compassion.

Path of Congregational Directions

According to the planning of the CLT, from the 15th General Chapter in 2022 until the next one in 2028, each year has a specific theme, forming a path of deepening of the Congregational Directions.

The Year of Compassion emphasizes Congregational Direction No. 2:

Awakened to the cry of the Trinity through the pain and suffering of Mother Earth and our sisters and brothers at the margins, ecological conversion and sustainable living become our ethical imperative.

For a more comprehensive overview of the whole process, see below:

CLT planning

Congregational Directions

The Power of Compassion in Missionary Life

To help us deepen our understanding of the meaning of compassion, bringing it into the concrete context of our daily lives and our missionary work, Sr. Kreti Sanhueza, a member of CLT and a doctor of theology, has prepared a text for reflection and deepening.

Read the text