marginalized and excluded

Java, Indonesia


One of the community programs for the poor and marginalized people is “Paguyuban Sejati”. Here is the short story of this group…

In our community evaluation the sisters moved to help our brothers and sisters who find difficulties in their lives, especially those who are poor and marginalized. In order to realize this desire Sr.  Delia and Sr Agnes searched information on how to establish  a social group from the Daughter of Love Congregation.   In the same spirit Sr Anastasia with her whole heart would like to offer food for this group.

This desire become stronger and caring spirit was spreading among the junior and senior sisters.  With enthusiasm the sisters went around the streets near our convent and offered to pedicab drivers (Pak Becak) to join the group.  It was accepted by people with excitement.  Those who wish to join this group have to fill out an application form.

On January 13, 2007 the group of  Pedicab (Pak Becak) was born.  The priority of our 12th General Chapter, then, was women. Therefore the sister allowed the women also to join this group.  Hence, the name of this group was no longer pedicap group (Pak becak),  but “Paguyuban Sejati” because the members now include both men and women.


The members have different work backgrounds which include pedicab drivers, street vendors, garbage collectors, janitors, and parking attendants. Total number of membership is now at 109.


The the major activity of the group are saving money every Wednesday. The members can withdraw from their savings anytime they need. The amount of money saved  by each member ranges between Rp. 10.000 and Rp. 50.000 per week. This is just a small amount, but somehow the participants can save money without complicated administration processing.

Every time they come to deposit their money, the sister prepares lunch for them and this becomes a good opportunity for sharing about life.  At other times the sisters also seminar or some other activities that can help improve their knowledge and skills.

Anniversary celebration

This year, we are celebrating the 10th year of Paguyuban Sejati group.   The celebration includes a series of activities led by Sr. Delia Abear SSpS (coordinator of Paguban Sejati), assisted by some sisters from Maria Bunda Allah community.