Indonesia and East Timor hit by Seroja Tropical Cyclone

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Wind and rains from 2 April 2021, caused sea waves to rise up to 4 meters and floods that hit almost all of the Islands of Timor, Sabu, Rote, Sumba and Adonara.  Seroja Tropical Cyclone, had an adverse impact on many residents in the Province of Nusa Tenggara Timor (NTT) – Indonesia. There were several bridges that were cut, the electricity power was out and telecommunication was cut off for some time because many trees fell down due to the strong winds and the prolonged heavy rain.

Sisters of SSpS Timor, the Betun Community, have opened a soup kitchen for victims since April 3. On the first day, the Sisters prepared around 600 packets of rice to be distributed to the victims who were evacuated from the disaster site and placed in the Betun State Middle School building. The place was insufficient as there were many more residents who were being evacuated further by the authorities. Apart from providing food, the victims also needed clothes because their houses were flooded. The Sisters prepared 100 packages of clothing that people and distributed them to residents in dire need.

“At first, we, the SSpS Congregation prepared food and clothes from our funds but later seeing the urgent need, the Malaka reginal government and businessmen too contributed. The Social Service, also made donations through us in the SSpS Betun community” Said Sr. Meliana Fahik, SSpS community leader- Betun. Sisters from several communities such as the Atambua, Kuneru, Halilulik, Betun and Biuduk communities were directly involved in cooking, distributing food and clothing in the shelter camps and also at the disaster site with the evacuation officers. The Medical Team from Marianum Hospital were responsible for the sick were brought to our clinic.

“I just sat and listened to the complaints of those who stayed overnight at our clinic in Betun. We really lost words to comfort them because they lost everything ” said Sr. Alosia Teti, SSpS Provincial of Timor. Among the families there are families of our sisters. We continue to help to the best of our ability and thanks to our benefactors in collaborating with us to improve our services for the victims .

Sr. Maria Vianney, SSpS