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Implications of Synodality for SSpS Global Mission

As part of the events of the Year of Passion for Global Mission, Sr. Mary John Kudiyiruppil held several webinars with the theme “Implications of Synodality for SSpS Global Mission.

The webinars were presented during the month of June in the official languages of the Congregation, English and Spanish, and also translated into Indonesian. The last one was held on July 8, at the request of the sisters in the Philippines.

The different dates and times allowed a larger number of sisters to participate. Adding up the 5 presentations, there were about 330 subscribed, but the number of participants was much higher, since a majority of the participants were together with their communities, which means that a large part of the sisters had access to this reflection.

Responding to the request of our sisters who did not have access or who would like to deepen the content of the webinar, and also to share with our lay collaborators and mission companions, we are publishing here the video and the full text of the webinar.

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Sr.Heline Senft

25 July 2023

I like to learn about the synod.