15GC Prayer

Feast Day of Saint Arnold Janssen

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]There is no better way to celebrate our founder than to be gathered from so many countries and nationalities next to our “Father, Guide and Founder”, as his written in his tomb.

St. Arnold Janssen was a man of prayer, of trust in God and deep faith, always open to God’s plans, with an unconditional surrender to his will. He responded to the call of the Spirit and the needs of the people with an open mind and great apostolic zeal.

He knew how to read the signs of the times and offer viable responses to this challenge. He recognized in this reality the hand of providence and was prepared to be used as an instrument of God.

From him we heard these words: “Precisely when in the Church many works disappear, the Lord challenges our faith to build something new”.

Today we place ourselves under his gaze and protection so that this chapter may open our hearts and minds to new times, to challenging times, to times that require courage and bravery to respond to a changing and wounded world.

May the Holy Spirit accompany us in this significant moment of our congregation and help us to live the attitudes and passion for the proclamation of the Gospel as St. Arnold lived it.


Introduction of the Mass by Sr. Maria Virginia Gette.