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Evangelization is our Main Task in Poland

Today, on our global mission journey, we will learn about the mission of the SSpS Province of Poland. Enjoy the video that accompanies this article.

In Poland we have one Province with 124 sisters in 12 communities and the one community is about to be opened. The provincial house and the community for the sick and elderly sister are in Racibórz.

At this moment we experience a secularization in our country which is coming in the very fast way. The young people are leaving the church, because of the incredibility to the main persons in the Church.

That is why we as a missionary decided to take the main task of evangelization. In all our communities they are sisters who are involved in the schools as a teacher of religion or sisters who are involved in different type of evangelization groups, where we can participate or also leading the groups. We think that evangelization is the most important task at the moment in Europe and especially in our country.

A New Community with the Homeless

Currently, we are about to open a new community in Dylaki, where the sisters are living with the homeless people together in the same community, sharing meals and the same house. For the time being there are two sisters living with more than 8 homeless.

Every day they are going to Opole, which is not very far to take care for the homeless coming to the House of Hope, where the two sisters with some volunteers are serving food, meals, prayers and different type of sharing the everyday life.

A lot of people in need come there every day. Volunteers working with us help us a lot. Mostly they are young people. The House of Hope in well known in Opole and surroundings. In such a way poor people are getting a lot of help and free food. Sr. Aldona Skrzypiec and Jordana Przybył are really very much occupied in the House of Hope. In our Provincial House we are also serving the poor, giving them food and any help which they need. Sr. Samuela Samsza is doing her ministry with great joy and good heart.

Open Heart to the Ukrainian Refugees

Sisters organize Santa Claus presentation for refugees from Ukraine

Last year, as the war in Ukraine was starting a lot of refugees were coming to Poland to get a proper help and a place for living. This was for us a big challenge, but with opened heart and selflessness we accepted in our convents around 200 brothers and sisters from Ukraine.

At the moment in our convent in Racibórz we have around 45 women and children living with us. This is for us a great privilege and joy. We were helping them in all possible way. That help was possible thanks the financial support of our Generalate, USA and almost all European countries. We are really grateful.

Now, our brothers and sisters from Ukraine have small jobs, but the only desire that they have is that the war will be finished and they could come back to their own country. At the beginning we were sharing everything with them, but now we are helping those who are in real need. Our brothers and sisters from Ukraine are very close to us.

In the past we took also care for two families from Syria. We became friends, because the relationship took many years. At the moment they move to the capital of Poland – Warszawa. They have their jobs and place to live.

Ways of Listening the Word of God

Evangelization has many faces: catechetical work, helping the poor, mission animation and vocation promotion. That is way we are with great passion organizing different type of retreats, meetings but first of all we are opening our doors for people who are looking for silent places and spiritual direction.

In all this we don’t forget about our elderly sisters, who play an important role in evangelization. Through their sufferings and prayers, they accompany us in our missionary endeavors. Often, we ask them for prayers and they willingly respond to our requests.

Evangelization is our task as a missionary. In this way we can also attract people to our spirituality, which is about the Love of the Holy Spirit – the author of our Evangelization.

The people today need in all ways to listen to the word of God, which is Love.

We hope our Founders are present in our heart when we are spreading the Good news about the Jesus Christ. The Mother of Jesus – the example of being the missionary conduct us on the way of evangelization.

Sr. Dolores Dorota Zok, SspS – Provincial Leader in Poland


Watch the video about the Mission in Poland