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A Tribute to Sr. Veronika


«This is my body broken for you» (poem)

 by Sr. Maria Fe Divino, SSpS (Ethiopia)
You share in the mission of the crucified
«This is my body broken for you»
As broken loaves did feed a multitude..
As broken alabaster jar perfumed a crowded room…
As a broken net did a token of a great catch…
As a broken roof admits palsied limbs to Christ…
Then shall not your broken missioned life?
Have in Gods eyes the widest mission yet
The mission of minting for those who go the purchase price of souls
In communion you will always be part of the life we consecrate A life hidden yet truly blest!
Ours maybe a plastic cross but yours like Christ is wood!
Into Christ hands we commmend your life.
Help us commend our life too.

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May God be Glorified in Everything (video)

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We all are in Communion with You (prayer service)

Sr. Aloisia and all Sisters in Timor (Indonesia)

On this day of solemn funeral of our dear Sr.Veronica, We would like to express our deep sympathy. We remember her in Holy Mass and in the Holy hour of Divine Mercy

She has been to us also an example of a heroic and prophetic religious missionary , learning that she has given her life totally to the Triune God in the service of the people of South Sudan.  She was faithful until the end.

May she enter into Paradise with her loving and merciful God, the God of life.

We place her pictures, and I shared a bit about Sr.Veronika whom I met during XIII General Chapter 2008. So lovely and joyful person and very  alive.

She is worthy to follow as an SSpS Missionary sister with a Heart Ever Ready.

In lighting the candles we pray that she enjoy being with Jesus Christ the Risen Lord and intercede for us before our loving God for our mission especially in   building up peace wherever we are.

In spreading the flowers before her pictures, we reflect on some of her good deeds she has done and we pray may we grow in communion at every level, in joyful situation and in grief moments. In deep condolence with you in the SSpS Family, with the people in South Sudan and in Slovakia, with love and prayer.

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Slovakian missionary of South Sudan (video)

by Sr. Filipa, Blazena Krajnáková (Korea)

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