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JPIC in action in Timor, Indonesia

Violence against human rights, especially human trafficking, is a worldwide issue which destroys human dignity and is against God’s teaching to love others as we love ourselves. This is a big challenge that our Church and society face today.  As member of JPIC TIMOR we are called to protect the human rights especially of our brothers and sisters who have no power to speak for themselves. In this kind of issue we are urged to work together in order to help identify the survivors and help them in their struggle.   The Holy Spirit Missionary Sisters in West Timor Province strongly oppose “human trafficking” because of the sexual exploitation of Indonesian youth and children at the local and international level. In order to respond to this issue our Congregation (SSpS) stands for the rights of the marginalize people.  Through VIVAT International we work in collaboration with the United Nations and others NGOs (local & international) for human rights issues, especially poverty eradication, women and children, sustainable development and culture of peace.

The above issues are common issues that exist everywhere and are rapidly growing and destroying millions of innocent people’s lives.  Therefore, we need to address these issues more intensively, especially with people from remote areas who are easily victimized.  Because of the distance, it is difficult for them to access help, support, and information regarding human rights issues.  As I have experienced the work of the UN and the NGOs especially VIVAT International in New York, I believe that cooperation is an essential part of expediting the process of restoration of human dignity.  Consequently, I would like to commit myself to be part of VIVAT’s mission by widening VIVAT’s network on the grassroots level.

When I returned from the USA, I began a program such as:  socialization and workshop on JPIC ministry and human rights issues. The objectives of this program are:  Firstly, to build a network among my fellow Sisters in the West Timor Province, our institutes, teachers, students, employees and other religious communities. Secondly, to empower the grassroots people by providing workshops and skills training.  Third, to continue maintaining the network among different NGOs that work for human rights. Fourth, to share more information to VIVAT International about happenings in the field, that VIVAT can bring it to the attention of the international community.

These activities have started in June 2016 among schools and parishes.  It helps the students and society to become aware of human rights issues, especially their own. Furthermore, they would like to be part of our team to work for the common good or for the rights of others especially the vulnerable ones.

–Sr. Genobeba Amaral, SSpS


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