novena 2018

Day 5 – Pentecost Novena – Communion with Other Christians

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Christian Unity was a concern that was very close to our Founder’s heart. In his time, this meant the return of the separated churches to the Catholic fold. Fr. Arnold, recognizing that this could only be achieved through the grace of God, offered prayer and sacrifices for this intention.

In an address on Christian unity, in November 2016, Pope Francis stated that Christian unity is one of his principal concerns and one that he hopes is the concern of every baptized Christian. The Pope went on to say: “…This unity should be perceived as being a gift from God to be welcomed. (…) Remember”, he said, “that when we work, pray and serve the needy together, we are already united.” (


  • Spirit of God, we praise You for Your unceasing kindness towards all your people. Heal us, heal our churches of their deafness, that together we may more clearly hear the sound of Your voice in the silence of the poor, the vulnerable, and the suffering in our communities and in the world.

Spirit of Kindness, draw us into communion.

  • We pray for Your divided church spread throughout the world. Breathe into us the desire to work without ceasing for Christian unity and grant that nothing will hinder our search for that unity for which Jesus prayed.
  • You who created us out of love, enable us to be faithful stewards of the earth, and to love our sisters and brothers unconditionally.
  • You who take infinite care of each of us, awaken us to the needs of others and strengthen our common witness as Christians in favor of justice and compassion.

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