novena 2018

Day 4 – Pentecost Novena – Communion with our Lay Partners

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Collaboration with the laity is an important aspect of our missionary activity. Since its inception, the mission foundation of St. Arnold Janssen has depended on the faithful generosity of lay benefactors and donors. His confidence in the grace of God to move people to be part of this great work enabled Fr. Arnold to proceed with projects while, as he himself said, the money was still in the pockets of people.

Our own foundation sprang forth from the seeds of lay collaboration in the persons of the maids, who served faithfully for many years in the kitchen of St. Michael, their way of actualizing their ardent desires to be missionaries themselves. It is important to note that the formation of the laity through retreats and seminars was of particular importance to Fr. Arnold and our Founding Generation. Today, in many places, we rely heavily on the loyalty of our lay employees and associates, to help us run our mission projects and institutions as their way of expressing faithfulness to God.


  • We give thanks to the Spirit of Faithfulness, for the wonderful contribution of our lay personnel and mission partners to the mission of our congregation.
  • For the members of the Holy Spirit Missionary Association world-wide, that they may grow in their love of the Holy Spirit and be strengthened in their commitment to prayer and support for our Mission.
  • For our lay missionary volunteers, that they may continue to be bearers of God’s faithful and unselfish love through their missionary witness.
  • For our generous benefactors, that they may experience in their hearts an abundance of God’s grace.
  • For our employees, staff and lay partners who faithfully work alongside us in our houses, mission projects and institutions, that they may be fulfilled in their ministry and service in Christ’s Kingdom.

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