novena 2018

Day 3 – Pentecost Novena – Communion with Other Cultures

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]“Our encounter with the stranger, with the one culturally different from us, reveals to us the “Other Face” of God – the unfamiliar, mysterious face of God. What the world needs today is to see, not the familiar and customary face of God – that image of God that is very often created according to our own image… but the face of God that challenges and disturbs us.”

“How different would our world be if we all learned to see the world with the eyes of God. Under the gaze of God’s eyes, enemies become friends, separating walls become open doors, strangers become brothers or sisters, borders become bridges, diversity leads not to differences and conflict but to harmony and unity.” (Fr. Antonio Pernia, SVD)


  • Our world is sorely divided because of ethnic wars and conflicts.

Spirit of Peace, heal the nations that continue to seek vengeance; teach us how to forgive in the name of Jesus.

  • While He was on earth, Jesus prayed that we all might be one.

Spirit of Peace, help us to love one another and to live together in harmony and peace.

  • All of creation cries out for healing and peace.

Spirit of Peace, make us instruments of Your healing and peace.

  • You invite us to walk in Your ways of justice and truth.

Spirit of Peace, give us the insight and courage to overcome our prejudices and recognize our blind spots.

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