Communion within Provinces/Regions in a Country/Continent

Day 3 – Christmas Novena


The theme of our 3rd day of the novena is “Communion within Provinces/Regions in a Country/Continent”. This season of advent invites us to listen to and reflect on the story of our personal and communal life, allowing them to challenge us to expand our awareness and consciousness.  May we allow the stories of our Provinces/Regions in our country/continent to strengthen our communion with one another as a family called to proclaim the good news of God’s kingdom in our respective reality.


The Holy Spirit filled our founding generation with the burning desire to reach out to people far beyond their own horizon, and to share with them the good news: “God is with us”. Their total commitment to mission and sense of communion sustained them in difficulties and let them make daring decisions and joyful sacrifices. Their courage continues to inspire us. Let us take a look at the names of the provinces/regions. We let our thinking expand to connect us to where they are, keeping in mind that we share the charism without boundaries.

How far do I know the life story of these Provinces/Regions in my continent/country? Where am I invited to widen my horizon to communion? Any plan of action to express our response to the call to communion? Listen to the urging of the Spirit.


Reading:  God’s communion with us calls us to communion with one another. Let us listen to the reading. (Is. 42, 1-7)


Response: Lord, unite us in your love!

  • Create in us a heart that feels deep gratitude for who we are and where we belong: our biological family, our religious and missionary community.
  • Lead us to a deeper connectedness with one another, beyond the familiar boundaries of our own community/province/region.
  • Help us to be aware of each other’s struggles and difficulties, ready to reach out and express solidarity.
  • Make the joy of the other be my joy, their struggle my struggle and may we remain in solidarity with one another both in pleasant and unpleasant situations.
  • In silence we add our other intentions.

Prayer:  Loving God, source of our provincial/regional story, you desire that we witness to your love as one family. Keep us constantly connected to your love and sustain us as we venture into the world that is busting with competition and manipulation which separate one from the other. Strengthen us as we face the obstacle of bringing the world into your loving communion. We ask this in the name of Jesus. Amen.

Our Father

Prayer in preparation for our 15th General Chapter

Most Holy Trinity,

We praise and thank you for calling us to share in your loving unity and for entrusting us with the mission of widening the circle of Communion.

As we prepare for our 15th General Chapter, send us your Holy Spirit to guide us in this discernment process, grant that we may be united as we listen with compassion to the longings of our Congregation and the cry of our broken world.

Help us to be attentive to your promptings and inspirations; empower us to joyfully renew our commitment.

Triune God, we long to be immersed in your life of love and to share in your work of transforming the world with compassion.

In union with our Founding Generation and the thousands of SSpS who have gone before us, we entrust our whole Congregation into your providential care.

May the Holy Triune God live in our hearts and in the hearts of all!