In Communion with the Victims of Human Trafficking

Day 8 – Christmas Novena

O Emmanuel, our King and Giver of Law: come to save us, Lord our God!

Human trafficking is a worldwide issue which destroys human dignity.  It is God’s teaching to love others as we love ourselves. This is a big challenge that our Church faces in this current era. As prophetic women we are called to protect the rights of others especially our brothers and sisters who have no power to speak up for their rights. Facing this issue we are invited by Pope Francis to imitate the Good Samaritan who is able to take time to feel and listen to the cry of our brothers and sisters that we meet in the reality of life.

Let us unite ourselves with our brothers and sisters who are enslave by human trafficking in our prayer.



The recent data has shown that approximately forty (40) young women were trafficked from Kota Foun Village to Malaysia. Until now their families do not have contact with them.  They do not know where they are. Adolfina Abuk is one of the victims of human trafficking from Kota Foun Village. She is 30 years old. In November 2013, Adolfina Abuk was recruited by a pander man whose name is John Pandie and helped by Goris Usboko. They brought Adolfina to BIDAR PUTRA SUKSES legal Agent. However, through the medical checkup she failed to get admission, then they offered her to KHALIFA FIRDAUS AULIA agent. From there the agent provided her some false documents and they brought her to Malaysia. In Malaysia she worked as housekeeper and took care of an elderly man for two years. On March 08, 2016 Adolfina finished her contract and returned to the agent in Malaysia. A month later on April 7, 2016 Adolfina’s parents got a sudden news from a member of an agent in Kupang that Adolfina has died, and the agent will bring Adolfina’s dead body to Kota Foun – Timor. When they got home, the family found many stitches all over her body. The stitches started from her neck until her stomach, from her hind- head to her pelvis.  She had no more eyes and tongue. Forensic experts declared that Adolfina’s death was caused by violent acts and some parts of the victim’s organs were already taken away by some people especially the agent that recruited her.



We pray for the victims of human trafficking, enslaved in various ways that they may be healed from the hurts and suffering inflicted to them.

We pray for those who are working in various organization in different countries that they deal with the victims of human trafficking as persons, worthy of their dignity with love, respect and compassion.

We pray for all educational and international institutions that they may help in building up necessary formation programs for the prevention of human trafficking and also make use of their resources to give assistance to the victims.

God of Justice, we pray for those that enslave: the trafficker and abuser, the pimp and the client, the slave master and unjust ‘employer’. We ask you to guide them with your voice of justice and conscience of goodness. Speak to them in their dreams, thoughts and words. Help them to understand their actions and recognize your grace. We ask this through Christ our Lord.  Amen.

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