Commission for Formators Seminar meets in Rome

Five of us – Jessy George and Matilda Ama Quist (Rome), Graciela Castro (Paraguay), Elisabeth Hariyanti (Australia) and Ewa Pliszczak (England) arrived in the Generalate Community in Rome, in September.  As a commission we are to help prepare the International Seminar for Formation to be held in June 2017 in Timor, Indonesia.  It was our first time to meet so it was a surprise and joy to get to know each other. We realized very quickly that we came from five different continents with different experiences and cultural background, but the same love for our call to be SSpS.

We started our meeting with a prayer guided by the CLT (Congregational Leadership Team).  They were very supportive and grateful towards us.  Some of our Sisters might remember the survey sent online regarding formation ministry.  Our first task as a commission was to study the results of this survey.  After reflection and discussion we shared our own experiences and made a draft of some suggestions for topics, concerns and encouragements for the Formation Seminar.  Then we met with the CLT and shared with them our thoughts and feelings.

We are grateful and privileged to be part of the process.  We promise our prayers for the preparation for the assembly next year. We have learned a lot during the meeting especially how vital formation ministry is in our Congregation and that each one of us is a formator and can encourage to live our vocation joyfully as SSpS. We hope to keep in touch with each other.

We were given a special room just for us where we could pray, discuss and nourish ourselves when we needed. Coffee was delicious!

Thank you so much and may God bless you all especially for the community’s hospitality!

–Jessy, Mathilda, Graciela, Elisabeth and Ewa