15th General Chapter

Chapter Members Approve Congregational Directions


January 29


Upon the election of the new Congregational Leadership Team (CLT), the Chapter members now devoted themselves to studying, reflecting, discussing and voting on the Congregational Directions as well as the recommendations and resolutions of the 15th General Chapter.

On January 29th, the day of St. Joseph Freinademetz, after the elaboration of several drafts and discussions in groups and in plenum, the Congregational Directions were finally ready to be voted on and were approved.

Inspiration and unity for the mission

As the name suggests, the Directions of the Congregation point to where the Congregation should be moving in the next 6 years in fulfilling its mission. The concise document which was the result of communal discernment will move us to a deeper reflection that will bring inspiration, motivation and unity in mission.

The Congregational Directions do not determine what is to be done, but point out the direction in which all should go. They serve as a starting point for prayer, reflection and action. They will permeate all missionary activities, from the planning of the CLT, of the provinces and regions, of the communities, of the institutions linked to the Missionary Servants of the Holy Spirit and of each individual sister.

The CLT will soon publish the text of the Congregational Directions, but here, we give you a glimpse where the Spirit is leading us.

From Trinity to ecological conversion

The text of the Congregational Directions is a call for transformation that starts from the dynamism of Trinitarian life and leads us through the action of the Holy Spirit to cross borders and reach out to people that society does not see and excludes.  As we listen to the cry of Mother Earth and the marginalized we are invited to ecological conversion and sustainable living.

It also points to radical living out of our consecration in intercultural communities and our response to the challenges of technology and the rapidly changing world. In a synodal spirit, we are urged to network, to broaden our collaboration with our lay companions, and to restructure accordingly our life and mission while honoring our heritage.

The Congregational Directions seek to translate the Chapter theme “Immersed in the Life of the Trinity, Transforming the World with Compassion” into living guidelines that help us, SSpS, to be a presence of compassion and transformation in our world.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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