Brazil South Missionary Campaign 2016



The Missionary Sisters Servants of the Holy Spirit in the Province of Brazil South is holding the ´Missionary Campaign – 2016´, inorder to raise funds for providing better health care services in Our Lady of Light Hospital and Maternity Care at Paraná, based in Medianeira. The campaign aims to raise an amount of R$ 85,000.00 that is required for the installation of handrails in the Hospital ramps which are inevitable for the welfare of patients. It is also a prerequisite under the health and safety rules of the Fire Department.

The hospital is a nonprofit institution, declared entity of Federal Public Utility, with National Social Assistance Certificate for 46 years, providing health services with a commitment to meet the needs of at least 60% of patients of the Unified Health System (SUS).

The poor functioning of the National Public Healthcare system has affected the hospital, which has long been trying to balance the deficit left by this system, through agreements and support from the Provincial Headquarters. Despite the poor financial conditions, the hospital continues to offer quality service and skilled care for its patients. It is in no way capable of investing on better infrastructure and equipment. However, there is a necessity to comply with the safety standards prescribed by the Ministry of Health that includes the installation of handrails.

We have been successful in getting funds from the State and Federal Public Utility for some projects. We also promote solidarity activities, service clubs and businesses that contribute through donations to support the emergency projects, thus ensuring the Charter of Health License, which is an essential document for continuing in health care service.


Mission in Paraná

Ortigueira is located in the Campos Gerais region Paranaenses, with a population of approximately 25mil inhabitants.The Missionary Sisters Servants of the Holy Spirit have been living and working in the city since 1988, providing various services such as pastoral care, health care and formation of leaders at different reals of life.

There are many people who struggle through life inorder to acquire healthier living conditions especially the marginalized, who have little access to better health care. Natural medicines are proved to be effective in treating many kinds of sicknesses but most people cannot afford it as it is expensive.

The financial support from the Missionary Campaign 2016 aims to meet with the expenses of improving the quality of life of people.

In advance, we thank every person who has the heart to share generously with us recognizing the resources as God’s gift. God Bless you!