3rd International Treasurers’ Assembly opens in Java

On May 5th, 2024, the 3rd International Provincial/Regional Treasurers’ Assembly was officially inaugurated at Rumah Khalwat Syalom hosted by Maria Bunda Allah Province, Java in the presence of 40 SSpS treasurers of 15 nationalities.

The assembly, attended by Sr. Miriam Altenhofen, Congregational Leader, and Sr. Mikaelin Bupu, Assistant General, began with an opening ceremony coordinated by the liturgy committee, led by Sr. Ignata Yuliati, Provincial Leader, and Sr. Ludovica Theresia Windu Kuntari, provincial councilor.

The organizing team, including Sisters Regina George, Jerly Renacia, and Catharina Liliek, also participated in the event.

The welcome ceremony, rooted in Javanese traditions, began with a song invoking blessings from the SSpS Founding Generation. This was followed by the customary gestures of hospitality, offering the traditional herbal drink “Sinom” and a rice ritual from the Batak tradition intended to strengthen the inner selves and shower blessings for good health. The Javan Gandewa Pinenthang dance concluded the ceremonial welcome to the participants.


Celebration of the Eucharist

The Javanese Cucuk Campur wedding dance led the Eucharist procession, symbolizing the victory of light over darkness and the arrival of peace and security.

The Holy Mass was presided over by Fr. Gregorius Gnane Kaha, SVD, Provincial, Java and con-celebrated by four SVDs. The homily by Fr. Kristoforus Simon Bala, SVD underlined the Assembly theme: “Stewards of God’s Grace and Compassion”. He said, “Although God is the ultimate Steward, we are also stewards of God’s grace and love. To live a life of love, we must be good stewards”.

The choir comprising SVD novices and SSpS with their melodious singing graced the liturgy. A West Papuan dance led the offertory procession. Before the final blessing, Sr. Ignata Yuliati welcomed the participants wishing them a pleasant stay. In turn, Sr. Regina George thanked the Province for their contribution to the Assembly, and the SVDs for their support.


Opening Session

With the opening Word of God, “out of his fullness, we have all received grace upon grace”, Jn 14:16, Srs. Regina George and Jerly Renacia invoked gifts and guidance of the Holy Spirit.

Sisters Miriam Altenhofen and Ewa Piegdon, holding lit candles, led a procession that was joined by five treasurers representing each of the five continents. Together, they sang “Veni Creator Spiritus” invoking blessings of the Holy Spirit – a significant moment for all.

Sr. Miriam greeted the participants, acknowledged the qualitative Java teamwork and stressed navigating the complexities of financial stewardship within the Congregation entrusted to the treasurers. She encouraged them to use the Assembly for dialogue, learning, and mutual support to prioritize resources based on Gospel values for a more just world.

The assembly will conduct activities until 25 May to enhance their stewardship based on spirituality, sustainability, collaboration, and international deliberations.