Integration Day

At the end of the integration day, the sisters gathered in the hall at 6.00pm. Sr. Mikaelin did the animation and acknowledged the power of God working with the group during the assembly. She led the Sisters in sharing their evaluation of the assembly; the strengths and limitations were spelled out. Each group placed their points in different basket. Suggestions were given for making future assemblies better.

Sr. Maria Cristina shared about the Year of Communion with the Marginalized and Excluded and activities planned for the whole year which will start on December 8, 2016.

  • A Christmas novena is being prepared so that communities pray together and also include mission partners and those they serve.
  • The material for monthly recollections for the year 2017 will be prepared by sisters and our mission partners. These will be sent to the provinces/regions.
  • Multimedia projects will be placed in the congregational website for formation and information.


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As the three weeks of assembly came to a conclusion the members moved out acknowledging the presence and the contributions made by each group. Sr. Maria Theresia, along with her team, expressed appreciation for the dedicated and generous work of the service personnel.


The Service Personnel


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