The session began with a devotional Indian hymn led by Sr. Rani. Sr. Maria Theresia asked for the opinion of the members regarding possible venues for the 15th General Chapter.

Sr. Maria Theresia gave an input on Discernment. She based her presentation on our Founding Generation, especially Fr. Arnold, on our Constitutions and congregational documents. Discernment is at the heart of our spirituality as Servants of the Holy Spirit. Fr. Arnold did not use the word discernment but he spoke of “reading the signs of the time”. From the Founding Generation it is clear that we have discernment in our genes.

The assembly proceeded with answers to the question: Where is the spirit leading us? Sr. Maria Theresia informed the assembly that the night before the CLT had reviewed and approved all the continental reports and requests. The assembly was taken up with the liberating and optimistic approach of the CLT and filled the hall a joyful round of applause.



After supper, the members prepared for the next day’s recollection/integration. Srs. Nisha and Marides presented a flashback video of the events of the past three weeks. Srs. Maria Cristina and Mikaelin then gave an explanation of the process of personal integration and group sharing. With this, each Sister moved into a spirit of prayerful integration until the 29th evening.




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