Realities of the Congregation

Sr. Maria Theresia presented the current realities of the Congregation. She began by focusing on the meaning of the word identity and then linked it with, SSpS Identity at The Service of Mission. She spoke about the our Trinitarian Missionary Spirituality, Congregational Directions, SSpS Membership in 48 Countries, Latest Trends, Networking-SVD-SSPS-SSPSAP. She highlighted the following points:

  • AJSC- a common SSpS-SVD project for 25 years
  • New VIVAT Charter and Statues
  • Workshop for training Intercultural Resource Persons
  • Collaboration with other congregations and the laity – Solidarity with South Sudan, and The Sicily Project
  • Holy Spirit Missionary Association
  • The first Communication Commission in Rome and our first paperless meeting
  • The publication and release of the book Communion with Creation
  • The future of the Motherhouse in Steyl

After listening to the realities of the Congregation, the Sisters were given time to reflect individually and then they moved into the basic groups to discuss what new opportunities are emerging at the congregational and continental levels.

Some of the points they later shared in plenum included:

  • To open our structures for others, take risk and let go
  • To prepare sisters for mission, including professional studies
  • To respond to the cry of the people
  • To update ourselves in social media in order to respond social needs
  • Networking – in common formation and with other religious congregations

Sr. Margaret presented a few points on finance which had been prepared by Sr. Litty George, the General Treasurer, and the CLT. Many of the points were related to writing budgets and financial reports, ethical investments, mission funds, and financing Sisters who study in other countries. She also shared some fraud prevention tips.

Sr. Maria Cristina presented some information on the various official reports and how to prepare and send them to the CLT. She spoke about the importance of properly preparing reports on personnel, finance, the novitiate, ministry statistics, province/regional visitation, chapter, assemblies/meetings. She also explained points about writing the annual chronicles and obituaries.




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