Congregational Matters

Sr. Mikaelin was the facilitator for the day. Sr. Miriam discussed some congregational matters related particularly to formation and studies.

Sr. Margaret presented the Organizational Chart of the General Administration while briefly describing the responsibilities and accountabilities of the different offices in the Generalate.

Sr. Marides, the Congregational Communication Coordinator, then presented the topic: “Communication at the Service of Communion” including the 5-year SSpS Communication Plan. There is a need to create a broader communication structure, which can also address the challenges and difficulties faced by the different provinces and regions.  Sr. Marides helped the sisters to ponder our international and intercultural nature and to see how globalization is taking place within our congregation. The globalized world is where we get vocations. She described the evolution of communication in our congregation, which began with our First Mothers and which, at present, is being lived out on the World Wide Web (www); the new mission territory. Together with change comes new challenges. At present, at the congregational level, communication is neither a full-fledged ministry nor an organized ministry. Therefore we need to widen the circle to build global connections within and beyond the SSpS boundaries.

After dinner, the group met to listen to a presentation about the situation in South Sudan. While maintaining a prayerful silence, Sr. Maria Jerly Renacia (Regional Leader of Ethiopia/South Sudan) and Sr. Nancy Noguera (missionary to South Sudan) showed a slideshow of the life and mission of Sr. Veronika Racková, including her tragic death. They shared their experience of being with her in her final moments as well as her funeral and burial. A deep silence filled with sorrow prevailed in the hall.




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