The Canon Law

Some general information were given by Sr. Miriam, the facilitator of the day, about the exposure to social welfare centers, scheduled in the afternoon, and the visit to the Pink Sisters (SSpSAP) in Carmalaram, Bangalore after the exposure.

“I am here not to give you fish but a fishing rod”, said Fr. R. Alphonso SJ, the resource person in the morning’s session on Canon Law. He began by defining Canon Law, its significance and use. Quoting Plato he said, “An un-reflected life is not worth living”. He gave brief descriptions of the three kinds of law – DIVINE LAW, NATURAL LAW and LEGISLATIVE LAW, and its implications in missionary endeavors.

He clarified the concept of Divine Law by referring to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Canon Law tries to give vision to the people of God. It is the obligation of a missionary to be a visionary; wherever we go we must represent Christ. The session focused on the purpose and spirit of the Canon Law.

Some participants came forward seeking advice and clarity on some of their legal issues. It was an interactive session with new learning and insights that can be helpful in managing the provinces/regions.



Visit to the Pink Sisters..

While Sr. Maria Theresia was welcomed with a garland, every Sister was given a rose as they were led to the chapel. As each Sister placed the rose in the flower vase, introduced herself and the place she came from. For this special encounter, our Pink Sisters had permission from their Mother General to open their house to the SSpS. High tea was served in the dining room. There were lots of fun, laughter and sharing.

The group also visited Our Lady of Mount Carmel, a Syro-Malabar church.




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  1. Visit to the Pink Sisters n got permission for open house is a special blessing, like today’s Gospel reading, Zakheus wholeheartedly open ed his heart-mind-house to let Jesus make a home in him. The great salvation comes. May the Arnoldus family be blessed in deep communion with the Holy Triune God. Gbu all. One in prayers n Jesus’ mission.

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