Jesus’ Style of Leadership

The fourth day of the assembly began with holy hour in the chapel integrated with the birthday of Sr. Maria Christina (General Counselor). The Sisters gathered in the dining hall with songs and wishes adding color and creating a festive mood.

The group met at 9:00 am in the hall and Fr Jacob continued with the topic of Jesus’ style of leadership. Leadership for integral development of persons demands that the leader cares for the capacity enhancement (CE) of those who are led. Jesus’ intimacy with his Father makes him aware of the need of the people for leadership. The greatest hunger of humans is for the bread of communion in which one is recognized, loved, respected, esteemed and empowered to deepen the communion.

In order to create a better understanding of one’s own vocation and of others he placed the following questions. WHOM DO YOU SEEK? Who we are searching for is what really matters in religious life and not what we are searching for. He explained the importance of having this knowledge for us who have embraced religious life as our way of life.

As usual the assembly resumed the afternoon session at 3 pm. During this session he emphasized on having a true understanding and clarity on these two key factors. The groups met to discuss the following questions:



After the discussion the groups presented their findings to the assembly.

Stressing on our call he said that our vocation is to be like a sanctuary lamp. It points to the presence of God. In our presence others must experience something of Jesus. That, according to him, is vocation.

The input session was concluded at 600pm with a vote of thanks, followed by Holy Eucharist and dinner.


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Birthday of Sr. Maria Cristina Avalos – CLT

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2 comments on “Jesus’ Style of Leadership

  1. Thank you so much for posting the summary of each topic what the Leaders Assembly is discussing about! By up-dating each day of the assembly, we experience a deep communion with our SSpS leaders around the world. May Jesus, the Spirit of the Living God, our Model of Leadership guide, direct, empower and lead us to find the key words of our core + role identity as an SSpS so that we are able to open and widen our communion with God, people, world more effectively.
    One in prayer and communion with Jesus’ mission,
    Valentine Oei SSpS

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