Biblical Text on Leadership: The Multiplication of the Loaves

The third day of the assembly began with faith sharing based on the gospel of the day. The members of the assembly gathered together at 8am singing and greeting Sr. Dinah Ofosu (Ghana) on her birthday.

At 9:00 am the animation group led the assembly with a devotional hymn to the Holy Spirit. Sr Margaret Hansen (CLT), introduced Fr. Jacob Parapally MSFS the resource person of the day. Fr Jacob deepened the theme of leadership with the help of the biblical text of the multiplication of the loaves. (Mk 6:30-44) and gave an in-depth understanding of Jesus style of leadership.  He invited the assembly to expand our vision of Jesus and his leadership style. He stressed that Jesus was Communion Incarnate with other people and with nature. Jesus was the Bread of Communion breaking the boundaries of religion, culture and family. He gave leadership to his disciple in order to lead others to communion.

In the first session in the afternoon, Fr Jacob requested the assembly to get into their groups to reflect and share on the question: What Christic-Model of Leadership should we follow to multiply the Bread of Communion? After 30 minutes of discussion each group presented the most striking points that emerged from the discussion.

The session that followed focused on the concepts of power and authority and the difference between these two. He cautioned that power is to control and dominate where as the authority is for self emptying service.

He proceeded saying Jesus was committed to His mission. Jesus was clear about his being sent, clear about his mission, he was clear that he had to suffer the consequences of his decisions to proclaim the good news of liberation. He invited the assembly to ponder on the question: “Why are we doing what we are doing?. For Christ? For the Church? For the Kingdom? Or For Our Need?”

He said that leadership in a religious congregation is sharing in the Leadership of Christ through the Holy Spirit to multiply the Bread of Communion and building up the Community to be at the service of the “Kin-dom” of God.

The session was concluded at 6:00 pm and at 6.30 pm the members gathered for the Holy Eucharist presided by Fr Jacob. Following supper at 8:00 pm Sisters met together for recreation at Maria Sadan lobby. The day was concluded with an hour full of laughter and fun that sprung forth through games and dances.



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Birthday of Sr. Dinah Ofosu – Ghana

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  1. Happy Birthday Sister! An international one indeed! Abundant graces and blessings on you and may your new understanding and experience of leadership move you to direct our Province in the strength of the Holy Spirit.

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