“Understanding and Experience of Leadership” continues

Faith-sharing in the groups was on the Gospel of the day:  Lk. 11:37-41

At the beginning of the session, the participants were given time to view the results of the previous day and to identify recurrent patterns.  The CLT gave an input by way of a creative presentation depicting their leadership journey as in a voyage together in a boat, experiencing the different weathers in the sea – calm, strong waves, dark clouds, storm, and peace.

At their respective tables, the participants then shared with one another what the inputs (since yesterday) mean for them, what needs to be followed-up, and what could happen if they don’t follow them up; what could be the possible consequences.  Contemplative silence followed.

Another activity followed which is called Marketplace of Topics.  Some topics of concern were laid along the corridors and the participants are to choose their own topic of interest, which formed a new set of groupings.  In their respective groups, they gave their suggestions on how to respond to the particular topic of concern for leadership.  These suggestions were then presented to the plenum.  Other suggestions were given by other participants in the plenum.

In the afternoon, Sr. Carmen Elisa Bandeo, Mission Secretary, shared about her work, some updates on VIVAT since the last General Chapter, the Sicily Project, and collaborations with the Provinces/Regions.



7 comments on ““Understanding and Experience of Leadership” continues

  1. May the Spirit of Communion and open and deep sharing inspire you every day more in bearing already first fruits in ‘Leadership at the Service of Communion’. We in the Generalate continue to make God busy for all of you. Hopefully you can feel it…. Eleonora, SSpS

  2. Great! so creative and touching the realities of leadership ministry. Best regards for all the participants, Keep in touch and Prayer.

  3. Insightful! Learning so many things. Thanks for the updating. Praying for the guidance of the Holy Spirit in all your endeavours.

  4. Together with all of you in Bangalore we reflect on our vocation as consecrated women… May it lead all of us to a deeper commitment and greater passion in the Mission entrusted to us by God… Today we pray for this especially through the intercession of the great Saint Teresa of Avila. Loving greetings to all and have a relaxing outing tomorrow! Eleonora, SSpS

  5. Just to let you know, we are one with all of you in our prayer. May the Holy Spirit always be with us…God Bless

  6. The greatest hunger of humans is for the bread of communion in which one is recognized, loved, respected, esteemed and empowered to deepen the communion. This sentence struck me. In our XXI province chapter we were talking about our core identity as an SSpS that is to make people experience God’s love. so our Vision as province is “prophetic women, liberator of the poor and the downtrodden”

  7. We continue praying for you and we ask the Holy Spirit to guide you in all matters.Thank you and one in prayer

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