Welcome and Orientation

Welcome Address of Sr. Maria Theresia Hörnemann SSpS, our Congregational Leader

We meet in a time where we need faith that the Good Spirit, the Holy Spirit is stronger than any other Spirit, stronger than violence and hate, stronger than indifference and intolerance, stronger than weapons and our limited capacities to solve the problems of the World. Many are connected but we desire that the connections with all the possibilities we have today will help us to create deeper communion, a sense of belonging with one another and with Creation. We had already a strong experience of communion this morning during our Eucharistic celebration and the following lunch, again made possible because of the many people putting their minds and hearts and hands together for one purpose.

Yes, we believe, another World is possible, a World where everyone is included, has what she/he needs to live and is invited to give her/his contribution. Blessed by God and shared with one another it will bear fruit and bring life to people.

This assembly itself is an experience and chance for deeper communion with one another, with the members of our Congregation and in a special way with our Sisters in this Province, to widen our circle with the Don Bosco Fathers and their friends and in a small scale with the country and people of “incredible India”.  


Welcome Address of Sr. Lissy Devassy SSpS, the Provincial Leader of India South

Let me greet you with the traditional Indian gesture: Namaste! which means “I bow to the Divine in you”.  It is with great joy and gratitude that I extend this warm greeting to each of you present here from the 44 SSpS Provinces and Regions the world over.   We truly feel honored and privileged to host this International Assembly here, representing the whole Congregation, a historic event for us. This is the second time that such an Assembly takes place in India.  On behalf of all the Provincial leaders of our 4 Provinces and all the SSpS in India, I extend to each of  you, a very warm welcome to Bangalore, India – to one of the oldest civilizations in the world, homeland of sages and ancient cultures, a country blessed with diversity – with many languages and world religions, a nation with the largest democracy, a land of the poor and the rich, a developing nation with many possibilities.


Introduction to “Paperless Meeting”

The Congregation is trying for the first time to conduct a “paperless meeting”.  All the participants are equipped with their own laptops to get connected to an online platform that facilitates the minimum use of paper during the Assembly.






5 comments on “Welcome and Orientation

  1. Me alegro con ustedes en los esfuerzos que realizan por cuidar la creación desde el modo de trabajar. Que el Espíritu las conduzca por los senderos de la comunión y reciban la gracia de seguir animándola en sus respectivos servicios. Muy unidas a ustedes en la oración.
    I rejoice with you in the efforts to take care of creation from the way we work. May the Spirit lead them along the paths of communion and receive the grace to follow encouragingly in their respective services. I feel very united to you in prayer. Blessings!

  2. Dear Sisters,
    Loving greetings from your fellow sister in Alice Springs. In the middle of Australia I am able to follow you there in India. It is fantastic. I have been enjoying the Blog since its beginnings. Thank you. It is great to see so many smiling faces. Keep it up, sisters. May you be guided by the Holy Spirit.
    With love and prayer,
    Magdalena, SSpS

  3. Hi Marides! Saludo ako sa yo. paperless meeting ha! galing. Happy to see you together with Vangie, mel, melina and beth. One with you in the Spirit of Communion. Daily praying for the assembly. God Bless!


  4. Congratulations to all of you! Beautiful Assembly….Many THANKS for all the updates….videos, en written articles…. I felt connected too.

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