Opening Ritual and Eucharist

The 5th SSpS Provincial/Regional Leaders’ Assembly opened with a traditional tribal dance using different symbols that have religious and scientific significance.  The dancers carried on their heads decorated pots. The mouth of the pot is covered with a husked coconut, which is decorated from the sides with mango leaves.  In the Indian culture, these are sacred symbols  used in various religious rituals  to signify life in its bloom and plenty and  as a sign of auspiciousness and celebration.   It also indicates the close connection between human beings and nature. When  nature thrives human beings too flourish. 

In this dance, God the Creator and Giver of everything invites the participants  to adorn their minds and hearts with joy, peace, and love, which is true prosperity. In doing so, they are called to let the light of Jesus shine in and through each of them.

Along with the dancers, the participants moved joyfully towards the altar of love, holding in our hearts, their desires and hopes for the assembly and their prayerful longing to experience true communion with God, with humanity and creation.  

The Holy Eucharist was presided by Fr. Paul Vattathara SVD, Provincial Superior of India-Mumbai.



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