Realities of the Congregation

Sr. Maria Theresia presented the current realities of the Congregation. She began by focusing on the meaning of the word identity and then linked it with, SSpS Identity at The Service of Mission. She spoke about the our Trinitarian Missionary Spirituality, Congregational Directions, SSpS Membership in 48 Countries, Latest Trends, Networking-SVD-SSPS-SSPSAP. She highlighted the following […]

Congregational Matters

Sr. Mikaelin was the facilitator for the day. Sr. Miriam discussed some congregational matters related particularly to formation and studies. Sr. Margaret presented the Organizational Chart of the General Administration while briefly describing the responsibilities and accountabilities of the different offices in the Generalate. Sr. Marides, the Congregational Communication Coordinator, then presented the topic: “Communication […]

Continental Meetings, Exposure Orientation and Campfire

The assembly began the session with a short video clip on the multiplication of the bread. Sr. Margaret was the facilitator of the day. The participants were given the whole morning for continental meetings. The first part of the afternoon was retrospection on what has been in the past two weeks. Thereafter, an overview of […]